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Stop Borrowing Someone Else's Home!

Rent To Own is Here!

Yes! You Can Own A Property Without Bank Qualifying, sometimes even for Less Then What You Are Now Paying For Rent!!!

Why Rent? when you can Own a property for less!

Are you sick and tired of paying Rent? - That you will never get back?

Would like to own your very own home, but can't qualify for a mortgage at this time? Our Rent-To-Own Program may be the answer!

• Do you have Blemished Credit, but Good Income?

• Do You want to Own A Home, but can't qualify with the Bank?

Our Rent To Own Special Home Buyers Assistance Programs for Toronto and anywhere in Ontario, are unique! We can help find you a suitable property with a budget that you can afford!

We offer Rent To Own Homes from $1,800 per month, to $5,500 per month, or even more. Live in a Home while you prepare yourself for Purchase!

We also give you generous Monthly Credits towards your purchase, while you live in the Home - Build Up Equity Immediately! You can Rent, with the option to Own, ANYTIME within a 6 to 24 Month period depending on the Home. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY if the Home is not right for you!

An Exclusive "Option to Purchase" allows YOU to Control the property!

Our "Rent To Own" is a very simple process:

1) Sign up to our FREE email notification 'Hot Sheet' Bulletin to get available homes emailed to you. These Homes Go Fast! Some never even make it to the website, so register to be notified first.

2) Fill out a quick Instant "2 minute On-Line Application" form to let us know what area you are looking for, and you will be notified when your Dream Home becomes available.

3) Select properties in the area of your choice from our website catalog, or you can select ANY property on MLS, and we will put it under a Rent-To-Own contract for you!

 Each property has a Mini Website, so that you can familiarize yourself with the surrounding areas, maps, and interesting statistics.

4) When you settle on a property that you like, fill out the "I Want The Home" form to get approved. This starts the process of 'Moving You In'!

You will now start paying Rent for your new home, while preparing to Purchase anytime in 6 - 24 months. You can decide to purchase your home anytime during your Rent To Own period. If you decide NOT to buy within this time, you have the first choice to select another Rent to Own home with us.

When you purchase with us:

• We will give you Monthly Credits towards your purchase, more than enough to cover your Down Payment, when the time comes for you to finally own your home

• We Refund 100% of any Option Fees Paid on Purchase

• We Pay for your Credit Rebuilding (if required), up to $750 on closing

• We run every application past our 'Rent-To-Own Friendly' Mortgage Brokers, to give you a realistic opinion of your situation and outcome.

You are now a proud owner!

StrawberryHillCredit Rebuilding: Because we will be investing much time, effort, and money, in assisting you to qualify for these Home Owners Special Assistance Programs, you may be required to assist us in helping you clean up and rebuild your credit through a third party credit cleanup company. We will pay for this when you eventually own your home, but it is crucial that you assist us to help you improve your credit score, so that you can ultimately qualify to purchase your dream home.

Browse through the properties. As with all of our properties you can Rent now, and Own Later! 

Get on our FREE emailing list and get notified of new properties as they become available.

You will be surprised how easy it really is!


Really Ambitious? Sign up for our Pre-Qualified Home Buyers List, and "Choose ANY Home On MLS" - Rent To Own Program

 Join Our Pre-Qualified Buyers List HERE!


Learn how Rent-To-Own works in Canada. Here is a series of articles to help you decide why you should be OWNING, instead of just RENTING!

Privacy Policy

We will respect your privacy and keep any information you submit, confidential. Your information is only used for the authorized purpose that it has been submitted for. We do not share, distribute, or otherwise breach the privacy of your personal information.

'Choose Any Home On MLS' Are HERE


• Are you an Investor that would like your Investment to be Secured by Real Estate?

• Do you want to help Good, Solid, Hard Working, Employed, 'Home Owner Want-to-be' Familys, to Buy a Home, that a Bank has rejected?

• Do you want the Piece Of Mind, that your investment is backed by a team of Licensed Mortage Brokers, Licensed Realtors, Licensed Lawyers, Licensed Credit Repair Consultants, that have been doing this for over 10 years? and that you are working with other Investors - just like yourself?

Then Please EMAIL US.

We have investments waiting, that will earn you 20 times what your Savings account is paying you.

Typically, your investment would be approximately 15% to 20% of the Home Purchase Price.

If you have available leverage from your own home equity or lines of credit, you can earn insane returns!

EMAIL US To find out How.

'Choose Any Home On MLS' Program Is HERE

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All calculated estimates are approximate only. Factors such as bank interest rate, credit score, etc., can change these estimates