Choose Any Home On MLS!

Now You Can Choose ANY Home You Want In Ontario,

or any other Province!

We will put it under a Rent-To-Own contract For You...

...And Put You In It, On Our Rent To Own Program!

Title Transfers To You In About 6-24 Months!!!

We are very proud to present our new "Choose Any Dream Home - Rent To Own Program"!

With our NEW "Choose Any Dream Home, Rent To Own Program" you can choose ANY home on MLS, or any Private Sale home also, in Ontario, or in any other Province, and we will purchase it for you! Then you can live in the home, while we help you buy it over time. Under our Rent-To-Own Program, you can OWN it out right in 6 months - 2 years.

- Cant get a bank Mortgage? Thats OK!

- Have Bad Credit? Thats OK!

We do not look entirely at these issues. All the same rules for our "Rent To Own" Program, apply to our "Choose Any Dream - Home Rent To Own Program".


If you can fulfill our requirements HERE , then:

1) Fill out our Application.

2) We will have our Analyst look over your application and check the numbers.

3) If the numbers work, we will send you to our Licensed Mortgage Broker and Credit Specialist. They will tell you in 15 Minutes if our "Choose Any Dream Home" - Rent To Own Program will work for you.

4) If it does, then we will tell you what the maximum home purchase price you can afford is.

5) Then go to MLS and choose your home, yes ANY home - We will put the home under a Rent To Own contract, and you can Rent-To-Own!

6) Title transfers to you in 6 months - 2 years, or sooner!

Done! - You are a proud Home Owner!!!

Get Pre-Qualified NOW, and know that you can have ANY home of your dreams!

You must fill out the application form below if:

1) You have found a home from our list, that you like, and want to move forward,


2) You want to get Pre-Qualified, so that you can "CHOOSE ANY DREAM HOME" on MLS, up to the maximum purchase price that you are qualified for.

We do not place people in to Homes that have no hope of ever qualifying to purchase a Home in 6-24 months. Only fill out his application if you are a Decent person, with Good Income, and really want to be a Home Owner, then we will work with you.


Do it now! - Because if you wait longer,
More Rent Money is going Down the Drain!

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All calculated estimates are approximate only. Factors such as bank interest rate, credit score, etc., can change these estimates